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Behind the Build

Accessible Luxury

At Australasian Homes, we strive for excellence in every build we undertake. With careful planning and innovative design, we create spaces that strike the perfect balance between affordability and luxury. Meaning you can realise the dream of owning a home without sacrificing quality finishes.

With a proven track record of delivering both small and large-scale projects, we have established a reputation for reliability and responsibility. Our extensive industry experience has allowed us to cultivate relationships with trusted suppliers and tradesmen who share our commitment to exceptional quality.

We are motivated by a genuine desire to build quality homes, rather than simply securing the next signed contract. We go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering functional and beautiful homes that stand the test of time.

Experience our difference, where excellence meets affordability in every build.

Our mission is to create spaces that effortlessly balance affordable living with quality of design. Meticulously crafted, exceptionally executed.


Choose from our extensive range of existing designs and floorplans, meticulously crafted to be functional, relevant, yet transcend trends.


Before breaking ground, we carefully plan and coordinate every detail, securing permits and conducting thorough site evaluations, to lay the foundation for a seamless construction journey.


Our skilled team and trusted industry partners bring your space to life, overseeing each construction phase with precise attention to detail, ensuring quality is never compromised.


With great pride, we deliver your finished home, conducting comprehensive inspections and addressing any final details, ensuring a smooth transition.


For years we have been dreaming and planning our luxury home, our main concern was that we wanted to find a builder that had the experience and the design creativity to help us realise our dream, we’re very pleased to say that, that builder is Australasian Homes.

John & Fumei Hutchins

We are again very pleased at the efficient and professional manner with which your company conducts its dealings and have always found your staff courteous and prompt with actions.

Greg Daley

Cerina Pty Ltd

We are extremely pleased with the projects Australasian Homes have delivered to us. The quality of their work is impeccable. We cannot speak highly enough of Australasian Homes; we see a long future relationship with their team for our project requirements.

Franco De Pasquale

Director, Oak Tree Group

I have worked with Australasian Homes for many years even through the more turbulent period of build price increases and trade shortages during Covid. I can honestly say I wouldn’t choose any other builder. They have a great team, are a strong business and produce fantastic properties. Highly recommend them to anyone.

James Elliott

The friends with the vision

Tim Douglas, and Jason Doerr, the two friends with a vision for affordable living.

Tim Douglas

Managing Director & Founder

With a career spanning since 1995, Tim has been immersed in the property industry, specializing in property development and real estate. His extensive expertise covers a wide range of projects, from luxury homes and apartments to large-scale land developments. Tim’s hands-on approach and comprehensive market knowledge enable him to lead successful residential projects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality results.

Jason Doerr

Managing Director & Founder

With over 25 years of experience in the building and property development industry, Jason has extensive knowledge in major land subdivisions, luxury residential, multi-residential, commercial, aged care, retirement, disability, and multi-level construction. This comprehensive grasp of the industry enables him to offer tailored solutions and optimal outcomes for clients and their projects. Holding advanced diplomas in Building and Construction, Project Management, and a Trade Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery, Jason brings a wealth of qualifications to ensure excellence in every endeavour.

Awards and Accolades

We take great pride on what we have achieved over the years

2011 Master Builders

Individual Home $1 Million to $2 Million – QLD State Winner

2012 Master Builders

Best Kitchen Award

2013 Master Builders

Individual Home $1.5 Million to $2 Million Award

2016 Master Builders

Home Renovation/Remodelling Project $576,000 to $1 Million Award

2016 HIA Gold Coast

Renovation/Addition $300,000 to $600,000 Award

2017 Master Builders

Individual Home $451,000 to $550,000 Award

2017 Master Builders

Home Renovation/Remodelling Project over $1 Million Award

2017 HIA Gold Coast

Home of the Year Finalist Award

2017 HIA Gold Coast

Renovation/Additional Project $600,000 to $1 Million Award

2019 Master Builders

Individual Home $251,000 to $350,000 Award

2019 HIA Gold Coast 

Custom Built Home $551,000 to $650,000 Award

2019 HIA Gold Coast 

Speciality Housing Award

Community Involvement

Building better communities

We are deeply committed to making a positive difference in our community. We proudly support two impactful charities that are close to our hearts: the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation (PCSRF) and the Property Industry Foundation. Through our support of these charities, we aim to create lasting change and contribute to the well-being of individuals and our community as a whole. If you would like to learn more about the incredible work being done by the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation and the Property Industry Foundation, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation

In Australia, lives are forever altered by the profound impact of paralysis on a daily basis. The Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation (PCSRF) is dedicated to fostering collaboration, facilitating connections, and spearheading vital research efforts towards discovering a cure for paralysis.

Interested to learn more about the charities we support?